Gainesville City School System - April 13 Update from their Website

What happens next?
Our primary goal is to ensure that students are not negatively impacted by the school closure. We recognize that many students have put in a great deal of time and effort over the last few weeks, while others may have had difficulty accessing lessons. During these last few weeks of school, our teachers and staff will be working diligently with students to ensure that they are as ready as possible to start school in the fall. Students who need additional support with completing work can utilize a new service providing live, online tutoring by the Hall County Library System and the Jackson EMC Foundation. More information is available here. Additional online resources are available on our website.

Will lunches still be delivered?
Meals for the week will be delivered according to our usual time frame of 10:30-12:30, three days per week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Meal service will be available until May 14th.

What should students who still have personal items inside the school building do?
We will update everyone regarding plans no later than April 24th.

If we received a device from the school, what should we do?
Student devices that were distributed during closure will be collected in May. More guidance on this will be provided no later than April 24th.

Will high school graduation and other end-of-year activities still take place?
We are still weighing options but will update everyone regarding plans no later than April 24th. We are committed to honoring our students, particularly those in the Class of 2020 who have been impacted by this most unprecedented time.

Will we still get report cards?
All students in grades K-8 will receive a grade of either Pass or Fail in each course in which they are enrolled, other than middle school students who are enrolled in high school courses. These students and high school students will receive a numeric grade for each high school course. No student will be penalized for situations beyond his or her control.

Students are to complete and submit assignments by May 1st. High school seniors will be notified regarding their graduation status no later than May 12th, but parents are encouraged to contact school administration prior to that date if they have any concerns. Report cards will be mailed no later than the beginning of June. All students will receive notification of their grade placement for next year on the report card. No student will be penalized for situations beyond his or her control.

What about summer plans?
This situation continues to evolve, but at this time, we do not anticipate hosting summer school opportunities, although some instruction may be provided for small groups of students in an online format. More guidance on Gainesville City Schools’ programs will be provided no later than April 24th. Our community partners, such as Boys and Girls Club of Lanier and Gainesville Parks and Recreation, are still in discussions regarding their summer programs. Please reach out to them directly with questions.

Throughout the summer, we will be posting enrichment activities online so that students can continue their learning over the next few months. Students are not required to complete these activities. Please look for them on the district website beginning May 4th.